Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

Sixteen good reasons to leave Islam or: My support to self-dermination and freedom

This text proves the perversity of the Western philosophy, which can corrupt good turkish citizens. A denonciation to the euro-islamic Politbüro is absolutely necessary, so that the Politbüro takes measures to drive anew the integration process in the right direction: the corrupt German culture should in no case assimilate Turks, but rather the contrary: the corrupt German culture must either commit suicide, or submit to Islam.

Our practical advice: in this case, the euro-islamic Politbüro should decide a 10-year rehabilitation in the Berlin district «Neu Köln».

Last minute: here is a similar case, even worse, 15 years trained in Sharia, now apostate, which proves the corruptness of the Western culture

Sixteen good reasons to leave Islam or: My support to self-dermination and freedom

To verify everything in a critic manner is a good thing, because we can make mistakes in our thoughts and acts. Who loves the truth must strive to identify weaknesses in her own thoughts and decisions, hear contradictory arguments, compare her own ideas with alternatives, and then modifiy and revise her own ideas. In my critic about Islam, I am not acting out of hate, but rather because I cannot, and will not, renounce my capacity to think. I mean that the courage to use one's own reason (Kant) necessarily leads to the decision to leave Islam. I would like to justify this with the points below.

Preliminary Remark

Let me inform my [non-Arabic] readers that I do not accept the following claim of the islamic theology and of the islamists: that the Coran was given in Arabic and thus cannot be translated. However, some translations are not accurate, but rather euphemistic. I recommend the Coran translation from Rudi Paret as a solid base.

1. Islam as a totalitarian, patriarchal legal system

Islam is not just a religion, but also a totalitarian, violent legal system dominated by men (see sura 5 (Al-Maida), verse 33). Islam is above all a political view stemming out of the Coran verses, the live of the prophet and other traditions. Thus, I understand Islam as contradictory to the democratic constitution (of Germany) and to the civil system. Democracy is a big gift, not only in Germany but also in my country of origin, Turkey. In both countries, it seems to me that the high value of this gift is not sufficiently recognized.

2. The prophet - certainly not an ethical model

Mohamed, Islam's prophet, is supposed to have been sent by God, and his life (i.e. his behaviour) is supposed to be an example for the whole mankind. But he is the one who:

  • conducted war, forced people to abandon their previous creed, and ordered the beheading of prisoners. Victory was not enough for him: he also plundered the property of the defeated, and set on fire their houses, farms and forests,
  • married a child (the 9-year old Aischa) when he was 52 years old,
  • had more than a dozen women obtained as loot during his plundering of other clans. When done murdering the other clan's families, he took their women to his harem, as wives or slaves,
  • ordered to chop off a hand and the opposite foot of the apostate, and let the apostate die of thirst,
  • ordered the murder of his critics as well as poets, and promised to the murderers a big reward in the afterlife,

This list could be extended with further examples. The result is clear: Mohamed has not lived an examplar life for mankind, but rather a horrendous life. This fact alone is already sufficent to refuse the religion that Mohamed established.

3. Servitude to God instead of living in one's own responsability

The Coran and other traditions propagate the fairy tale that every single human act would be determined in advance by God, and that no one could do anything without God's permission. Our destiny would be sealed by God. Allah would decide, who becomes rich, and who becomes poor, who becomes Muslim, who becomes an unbeliever etc. Mohamed created a God that acts in an arbitrary and unfair manner, and who does not believe in Allah, becomes a heathen.

I mean the contrary: only when one's own responsability leads to a radical affirmation of one's own existence, and to freedom. Since Islam proclaims everything to be decided by God, humanity falls into nullity, i.e. immaturity and worthlessness, and declines into indifference and passivity. One can observe this in many muslim countries. The negative effect of this doctrine is furthermore reinforced by the fact that many muslim believes that the actual life starts in the afterworld. This misbelief hampers science, progress, enlightenment, maturity and freedom. Besides, this misbelief weakens morality, because it takes away one's own responsability for one's own acts.

4. Intolerance towards non-believers and towards other religions

For Islam, tolerance and peace are only means, which can be used to trap the adversary during a war. In many islamic states, the Christians and other non-islamic believers must pay an additional tax. In the Osman Kingdom, children from Christians were kidnapped, only to form the most brutal military unit, the Janissaries.

Of course, in the Coran there are verses that confirm that the "believers in a false god" should pray their own gods, and the Muslim should pray their own god. Another verse claims that the Jews, Christians and Sabiis who accomplished good deeds, will go to paradise. And another verse says that there can be no constraint in religion (sura 2 (Al-Bakara), verse 256). Therefrom, one could think that Islam is tolerant.

However, there are a lot more verses that cancel the verses just mentioned, proclaiming exactly the contrary. Islam is a religion that sees the world as war ground - actually as long as the whole mankind has not been fully islamized yet. sura 4 (Al-Nisa), verse 91 says: "Kill them, wherever you find them", and sura 9 (At-Tauba), verse 29 contains: "Fight with weapons those that do not believe in Allah on this very day, and those that do not accept the interdictions proclaimed by Allah and His Messenger (i.e. Mohamed), those who do not orientate themselves according to the right religion (i.e. Islam) - which includes the people of the book (i.e. Jews and Christians) -, fight those (with weapons), until they pay the minority tax, accepting their humiliating defeat!".

In many places in the Coran, Mohamed (or Allah, according to the muslim understanding) justifies the violence against non-islamic believers. They belong to death (e.g. sura 47 (Muhammad), verse 4), must be subdued (sura 9 (At-Tauba), verse 29), can be expelled and expropriated (sura 59 (El-Haschr) verse 1-7). A large number of chapters of the works that contain the Sunna (i.e. the norm-setting behaviour of Mohamed), are dedicated to the Jihad against believers of other religions, and against non-believers.

When they are confronted with those parts, learned muslims like to point at parts of the old testament that recommend violence against believers of other religions (e.g. 2nd book of Moses 22, 17; 3rd book of Moses 20). But: first, it is senseless to try to use the cholera against the pest ; second, most Jews and Christians have distanced themselves from those crazy ideas, and for a long time.

5. Hatred towards Christians and Jews

In the contrary to all the usual claims, not only does Islam fight heathens and apostates: in its very core, Islam is a radical enemy of Jews and Christians. sura Al-Imran, verse 19 says: "Islam is the only true religion of God." As religions, Christianity and Judaism are thus badly negated, and punishment is the menace for those who do not believe in Mohamed and his version of God.

Mohamed claims that all the previous "prophets" - and Abraham as well - were called by God, and ordered to believe in Islam. Moreover, he imputes to the Jews that they do mischief. Verse 46 of sura 4 (An-Nisa) concludes with an execration of the Jews: "[...] But God has condemned them for unbelief. That's why they believe less (or: that's why only few of them believe)." In sura 5 (Al-Maida), verse 72, Mohamed proclaims: "Unbelievers are those who say: 'God is Christ, son of Mary!'". Verses 171-173 of the same sura deal with the Christian teachings and the Holy Trinity, asserting that believers in those will be punished. Mohamed even forbids the mulsims to be friends with Jews and Christians, because they are "sinners" (sura 5 (Al-Maida), verse 51).

6. Women in Islam

Mohamed secured the social order by making women the servants of men, exploited by men. Women's oppression became a law in Islam. Women are seen as:

  • created with less intellect and less religious soul,
  • the source of evil and discord, being ingrate intriguers and devilish,
  • regrettable beings, since most of them will land in hell anyway.

Mohamed decided in sura 4 (Al-Nisa), verse 3, that men can marry up to four women, who please them. And to give more strength to this law, he fostered the belief that it is a virtue to marry multiple women.

As witnesses, women also have only the half of men's value, because it is written: "... and take two of your men as witnesses. If two men cannot be found, then it should be one man and two women, those that will be your witnesses - (two women) so that if one of them errs, the one (who does not err) reminds the other (who errs) about the real state of things.. " (sura 2 (Al-Bakara), verse 282). Inheritance law follows a similar princip: "... The male receives (when splitting the inherited goods) the same amount as two females ..." (sure 4 (An-Nisa), verse 12). "The man receives as many parts as two women do." (sura 4, 176).

Concerning the veiling of womene: "And tell to the believer women that they should look down to the ground, they should protect their chastity and they should not display their attire - except for that, that can be allowed to be seen - and they should wrap the neckline of their clothes into a shawl, and they should reveal their attire to nobody except to their husband, father, or husband's father, their own sons, the sons of their husband or brothers, the sons of their own sisters or brothers, or their wives, or those who are entitled to see their attire, or their eunuch servants, or the children, who do not pay attention to the nakedness of women. And they should not stamp their feet on the ground in a way that reveals what the attire is, that they hide." (sura 24 (Al-Nur), verse 31) In another part of the text, one can read (sure 33 (Al-Ahzab), verse 33): "And stay at your home. Do not dress up like heathen did in the past."

Sura 24 (Al-Nur) verse 59 represents one exception, which permits the older women to carry no veil. In this sura, Mohamed talks about women, who he does not see having any more conjugal life, because they are old. Related to the fact that he, a man over 50, married the 9-year old Aicha, that appears understandable. Anyway, his affinity for paedophilia implicitly gives a small freedom to older women: "And for those women, who have become old and thus cannot think of marrying anymore, it is not a sin, when they lay down some of their clothes, as long as they do not dress up with attire." (sura 24, 60).

Considering the precept, that women do not need a headscarf anymore, as soon as they cannot give birth anymore, one can see how little the people actually read the Coran. At the same time, I am wondering why the self-appointed representants of Islam do not let the corresponding verses be read aloud in the mosques. If it were done, a large proportion of the headscarves could be laid down. Of course, there are women, who cannot do that - exactly like the Chinese women, whose feet who have been so crippled through life-long binding, that they cannot live without bandage anymore.

However, I ask for this: Stop wearing headscarves in the schools, in the administrations! And in any case, one should forbid the children from carrying headscarves. The veiling of children is based on the marrying of the child Aicha by Mohamed, and means the sexualization of small girls. Parents who do that should be penally charged with child abuse.

7. Violence in Islam

Islam seeds violence (see suras 9,74 and 4,95). The wars led by Mohamed were preceded by small undertakings, like the robbing of caravans going out of Mecca. These attacks, and the wars afterwards, added to the riches of Mohameds and his fighters. Many took part, because they knew that they would receive a part of the booties. A fifth of the war booty always went "to Allah". That's why the violence of September 11th, 2001 in New York, the bombings in Madrid (November 4th, 2004), the bombing in London (July 7th, 2005) and the violence between the various religious groups in Irak, the murders in Turkey at Turan Dursun (September 4th, 1990), the murders of other journalists and critics, all belong to a long tradition.

It is indeed a matter of tradition, when mothers not only accept the death of their sons in Jihad, but also declare that they want to have more sons, who would be ready to perpetrate the suicide attack, alledgedly following God's will. The religious glorification of violence must stop! To this, I oppose enlighnment, peace and civilized discussion.

8. Men become inhuman

Since Mohamed put the men above the women, he was well-heard amongst men. Actually, in his system the man is also a poor slave of God. He must submit himself to God and his representants, i.e. to Mohamed himself. Since Mohamed turned the man into a servant and a nothing, when out of his house, and into a pacha when in his house, he made the man full ready to accept the bad situation of the woman. Exactly the verses that first should support the submission and degradation of the woman, are also the verses that degrade and dehumanize the men. The Sura 4 (Al-Nisa), verse 38, is a striking example of this: "... the men are above the women, because God has preferred by nature the men over the women ... And if you fear that some women revolt, then dun them, avoid them in the conjugal bed and beat them!" The fear of men, that women revolt, should thus lead - with the benediction of God - to beat the woman they love, with whom they have children, with whom they want to become old together. Thus Islam reduces the man to a hollow instinct-driven creature, which readily ejaculates by the simple view of open hairs. An adult, mature, responsible human knows to dominate his sexual instinct. The men born in Islam should be able to do this, too, when one requires them to do so. Here is my call to men: say no to Islam! Say no to your dehumanization! Then you will earn yourselves real girlfriends and spouses, equal partners. The one who prefers an obediant, obligated slave, has not even reached the lowest level of cultural civilization.

9. The submission of women, including in afterlife

Women must pay a high price to obtain the promised entry into paradise: the woman must be a servant of her man, obey him, satisfy him, and keep her own wishes silent. But even when she has done all this without a single mistake, she only might enter this hallucined paradise with the agreement of her man. Anyway women are only the "temporary women on earth". The actual spouses of men (in paradise) are the Huris. By all aspects, the Huris have first rank, and the earthly women are behind. This is clearly shown by the description of paradise in Suras 78 (En-Nebe), 56 (El-Vakia) and 76 (Ed-Dehr). En-Nebe promises to the men "(Huris) of the same age with big breasts" and "a bowl of wine". The Sura El-Vakia promises "gardens of victory" and "the Huris with big eyes are at your disposal", "whose beauty equals that of the finest pearls". All this shows that for believer muslim women, even in the dreamed paradise, neither rest nor chance await them; most often they will see their husbands in the arms of Huris.

10. The muslim vision of humans: merciless creatures, obliged to absolute submission

Again and again, Mohamed states that Man is fundamentally a merciless creature. Some expressions are used very often: hypocrit, stupid ass, the damned Man. But how merciless he is himself! Many many times he asks to the people: "Why the hell do you want to deny the great deeds of your Master?" In the eyes of Mohamed, humans are merciless creatures, obliged to absolute submission, and destined to punition in the name of a peculiar divine "justice". To this way of thinking, I oppose the idea of mature citizens following a rightful way, the idea of humans, who check claims with their reason awake, instead of blindly submitting themselves to archaic, mad ideas.

11. A good reason to abandon Islam

"Muslim" or "Moslem" is an Arab word meaning "he who submits himself" or "he who devotes himself". The term, he who submits himself, also a Slave, shows how degraded the so-called believer in Islam is. To refuse to be a "Slave" of Allah means to free oneself from his own slavery to this religious fiction. On the other hand, when spoken by a native English speaker, the word "Muslim, Moslem" does not express, whereas the English translation "Slave" triggers many questions. When a child hears the word Moslem, she does not think much about it. But when she hears "Slave", she may well ask:

  • Why "Slave"?
  • Slave of whom?
  • Why are not the others Slave, too?
  • Why am I not a Slave?

If we do not want to think like slaves do, we must use clear words that are understandable for us. Language is the expression of thought.

And when humans do not believe in Islam as a religion, do not want to be "Slaves", then they must do this openly. To negate Islam hidden in one's own kitchen, implicitly means to accept Islam.

At the same time, Islam means the negation of what we know, the negation of self-esteem - in the sense of respect for the most important characteristic that differentiates humans from animals: the ability to think and reason.

I propose that we use the English word "Slave". I call all people to use, instead of the Arab word "Muslim" or "Moslem", the English word "Slave". Language is the expression of thought.

12. Another reason to abandon Islam: Intriguing and lying: TAKKIYA - "You should lie"

Meetings, and the conference about Islam from Mr. Schäuble are a farce, except if the Islam representants would declare themselves (1) that there is the tacit rule of Takkiya and (2) that they do not accept it. And this publicly. A dialog with the islamic associations is not possible, until they start a clarification along these lines, worldwide, publicly and in a clear, understandable manner. Because sham and intriguing belong to the Islamic belief.

3, Al-Imran, verse 54: "And they (Israel's children) intrigued. But God (as well) intrigued, He's the best at it."

7 Al-Araf, verse 99: "Are you sure, faced to the intrigues of God" 27, An-Naml, verses 50 and 51: "You intrigue. And we intrigue (as well), without you noticing it, [51] Just look, how your intrigues ended! We eradicated you and all of your people!"

The Coran's God tells in the Sura of Yunu, verse 21, that He is the fastest at intriguing. Slaves (Muslims) can fake opinions and misbeliefs, in order to protect themselves or their life, or to serve the goals of Islam. This is called "takkiya". When they use Takkiya, they do not deserve a punition. This is clearly said by Al-Imran, verse 28: "... It is a different thing, when you really fear them (i.e. the unbelievers). (In this case you are pardoned.)..." "Takkiya" is not only valid for persons, but also for institutions and even for states. That's why an Islamic state is allowed to sign a truce with a non-Islamic state, and together fight other non-Islamic states.

God gives to the Slaves (Muslims) the possibility, in specific situations, in particular in situations where they could be harmed, to feign friendship towards the unbelievers. This means that is right when Slaves (Muslims), in order to protect themselves from danger, hypocritically behave towards unbelievers, and delude them with false friendship.

The religious representants of Turkey have interpreted this in a way that a Slave state (Islamic state) can declare peace with unbelievers, when this peace does not harm other Slaves (Muslims). A Slave state (Muslim state) can work together with unbelievers, when this harms other unbelievers.

To this, I oppose to dialogue and transparent democracy. It might be that our democracy now and then limps. But we can discuss issues. We can develop our democracy without fear.

13th Good reason: "Do not take any unbeliever as a friend"

For a society like our German society, this is particularly alarming.

According to the written record of Coran, God forbade friendship between Slaves (Muslims) and unbelievers (non-Muslims). Slaves (Muslims) who do not obey will be punished. Because God knows everything, He knows as well thoughts and feelings.

Sura 3: Al-i Imran, verses 28 and 29: "The believers should not take unbelievers as friends, instead of believers. The believers who do this lose their communion with God. [29] Whether you hide it in your inner or declare your friendship publicly, God knows it. God knows (everything) that happens in the skies and on earth. God has the power over everything."

Al-Imran verses 28 and 29 are not the only ones that warn against friendship with unbelievers. Al-Nisa verse 144 contains similar statements as well: "Oh you who believe, do not take as friends unbelievers, prefer instead believers. Would you want to give to God a proof against yourselves?" There are many other similar examples that show that friendship and emotional bounds to unbelievers are taken as equivalent to oppose God. Such behaviours give God all reasons to attack the Slaves, who then lose any value in the eyes of God. For me, the Sura At-Tauba, verse 23, belong to the most horrible verses, because there are now many interreligious marriages in Europe: "You believers! Do not take as friends your own fathers and brothers when they prefer unbelievers to the Belief! The ones among you, who go along with (unbelievers) are true sinners!"

14th Reason: The Coran is only valid for Arabs

The Coran is a book that corresponds to the Arabic traditions of then, and is only valid for those traditions, thus for Arabs. Apart from the tongue, this addresses conflicts and behaviours of the Arabic culture of that time. The advocated solutions to conflicts also correspond to the Arabic culture and norms of then, as proved for example by the marriage of Mohamed with the wife of his son-in-law told by several verses (e.g. Sura 33, verse 37). This is the case as well of other domains of life, like inheritance rights, tax laws, etc.

In addition, there are verses in which Allah critizes the ungratefulness of the people of Mecca, because they do not believe ; indeed, according to those verses, He had given to them a fruitful and safe country. This is a proof as well, that Islam is only valid for a geographically and culturally limited group of people.

According to Mohamed, God has sent a prophet to each clan, as well as books in their own languages, because God wanted that each clan reads and learns His orders in their own language. The Sura 14, Abraham, verse 4 says: "And we have sent no messenger (to any people), that would not have (an annunciation) in the language of his people, so that he enlightens them (e.g. his own people)." That is why the Arabs would have become a book in their language through Mohamed. "We have made an Arabic Coran for you. Maybe you will be understanding." (43. Az-Zuhruf, verse 3-4) See also Sura 12, Yusuf, verse 2: "We have sent down to you (the writings) in the form of an Arabic Coran. Maybe you will be understanding." Sura 41, Fussilat, verses 3 und 4: "Writings, explained in verses, sent down in the form of an Arabic Coran for the people to know. [4] With this public writing we have sent you as announcer and alerter (to your people). But most of them turned away, so that they do not hear." Sura 13, Ra'd, verse 37: "As it lays before you, we have sent it (the Coran) down as an Arabic decision. However, should you, after all the knowledge sent to you by God, follow your personal inclination (and give up on the true belief), then you would have, between you and God, neither friend nor protector." Sura 20, Ta-Ha, verse 113: "And so they have sent it (the writings) down here as an Arabic Coran..." Sura 42, As Sura, verse 7: "And so we have given an Arabic Coran (as Revelation) to you, so that you alert the main city (i.e. Mecca) and the people around it, and thus alert (your people) before the day of the gathering, an which one may not doubt."

Theses Suras and verses show that the Coran was designed for a precise Arabic society. Mohamet tells this way, that the people must be spoken to in their own language and culture. Sura 6, Al-An am, verses 156-157: "We have sent these writings down to you so that you do not say something like: 'The writings were only sent to two groups before us (i.e. Jews and Christians), and we do not have any idea what they learnt (from the writings)'. [157] Or so that you do not say something like: 'If the writings had been sent to us, we would have earlier followed the right path than you did...'" There are a lot other Suras and verses that confirm this. Allah talks to each Arab of Mohamed's clan. His target group is not even all Arabs but actually only a specific group of Arabs. This also shows the way that conflicts were solved: some followers of Mohamed blamed him for making them "Slaves" (i.e. Muslims). They wanted to have more spoils of war. This annoyed Mohamed. Against this, he gave the following verse: Sura Al-Hugurat, verse 17: "They think they earned it from you, because they have converted to Islam. Tell them: Do not think you earned it from me, because they converted to Islam..."

A proof that Islam, the religion of the Slaves (Muslims), is a religion specific to a small Arabic place, is the behavioural inclination towards folklore of many Slaves (Muslims) nowadays. This starts with the take-over of Arabic names and goes as far as to dress in a folkloric Arabic way, all of which belongs to an old Arabic tradition, culture and level.

15th Reason: The Coran, a book full of contradictions

One may know doubt the Coran. Since the Coran is the revelation of God, it can contain neither mistake nor contradiction. But the Coran does contradict itself, although the Sura 4, An Nisa, verse 82 says: "...If it was from somebody else than God, you would find in it many contradictions..."

  • Example 1: About wine drinking in Sura 16, An-Nahl, verse 67: "And (we give you to drink) from the fruits of the palm trees and wineyards, from which you make yourselves an alcoholic beverage, and (also) a nice sustentation." Contradiction: Sura 2, Al-Baqara, verse 219: "One asks you to provide wine and some game of chance. Tell him: You are affected by a strong sin. And this can also be exploted by other people..."
  • Example 2: About the marriage with Christians, Jews and other unbelievers. Sura 2, Al-Baqara, verse 221: "And do not marry heathen women, as long as they do not convert! A believing slave woman is better than a heathen woman, even if the latter would appeal to you. And do not give (believing women) to heathen men for marriage, as long as the latter do not convert! A believing slave man is better than a heathen man, even if you would like the latter." This is a self-contradicting verse: Why may men marry "heathen" women, but the women may not? Why should a woman marry a Slave (Muslim)? Mohamed means that a woman will have to submit herself to the "Slave" (Muslim) man that she marries. [Translator's note: not sure to understand the logic of the last sentence - to me the Coran follows in this case a clear logic, even if despicable.]

16th Reason: Jihad & war

For Islam, war is a canonical commandment. The ways of democracy appear to me as worthier of humans, when I see that Europe cancels its borders. I oppose to Islam's war the peace of an enlightened society. It is not a coincidence, that there are no Jew or Christian suicide bomber. At-Tauba 41: "March out to fight with a light or heavy heart (or with a light pack or heavy equipment, or small and big) and conduct war in the name of God with your own possessions and your own person." At-Tauba verse 73: "Prophet, fight (or afflict) the unbeliever and the hypocrits and be hard against them!" Sura 9, At-Tauba, verse 88: "But the messenger and those who believe in him fought war using their own possessions and their own persons. Someday good things will come to them, and they will fare well." Sura 9, At-Tauba, verse 123: "You believers fight each one of the unbelievers that are near to you (i.e. living in neighbouring lands). They should notice that you can be hard. You must know that God is with each one, who fears Him." Sura 29, Al-Ankabût, verse 69: "But the ones who struggle according to Our will (i.e. are active in war), We will lead them along Our way." Sura 47, Mohamed, verse 4: "When you meet unbelievers (on a battlefield), then behead them (with the sword)! When you'll have them fully vainquished, then put (them) in schackles, so that later (you free them) either by an act of grace or against money (with the sword in the skin) until (you terminate) the war (and peace returns)! These are the words of the revelation. If God wanted, He (in person) would help you against them. But He does not want to immisce, He rather prefer a lot that those of you (that are believers) are probed through the others (who are unbelievers). And the work of those who will die by the will of God shall not be in vain..."

Concluding remark

In the east of Yeman, there was a locality called Hadramut, when the clan Kinde lived. The written Arabic sources that relate the disease of Mohamed relate that the women there were impatient to hear about the death of Mohamed. As the message came, they colored their nails with henna, played music and danced along. They rejoiced and celebrated, because they hoped for the end of the era that saw her freedom and women rights destroyed, and their own persons systematically humiliated and degraded. But Mohamed's successor, Abu Bakr, ordered to cut the hands and feet of these women and of their protectors, and to pull all of their teeth. I think highly of those women of Hadramut. Let us work, so that their hope becomes a reality at last. It is already one and half millenia that the delusional ideas of this archaic holy warrior Mohamed have obnubilated human brains, and produced worldwide strife. It is about time to put an end to this insanity.


Answers to questions and accusations that I receive again and again

Question: Why do you offend our belief?

I do not attack any belief, and I do not offend any religion, I only criticize the latter. This is an important difference. I call for people to use their most important organ: their brain. My critic should free the people from acting based on fear of Allah or love of Allah. A person can think, ponder and decide, she can free herself from being a "Slave" of Allah, she can free herself from fearing hell, from helplessness, from ignorance. On this ground I want my critic to help people. A person can have moral values as well, without being a Slave of Allah. And in case she encounter difficulites to fulfill this, I offer the help of the constitutional law. One only needs to hold onto this. The constitutional law covers human rights as well. Since the critic of religion is widely forbidden in the Islamic societies, which do not open themselves to this, you interpret my critic as an attack, and thus you attack me in person as well. To me and other ex-muslims, you write E-mails or insult us, and you try to scare us. But a democratic society distinguishes itself through its openness, and as being able to carry critics and discussions about all theories, theses and beliefs that are important to this society; including religious values and the persons belonging to those religions. But apparently you built your life on a religious fundament, and thus you perceive my critic as if I would take the ground away from under your feet, as if I would attack your life itself. But you are most likely migrants like I am. We have voluntarily come to this society. We are voluntarily staying here. The intellectual, spiritual and personal freedoms here are the accomplishments of centuries of fight by the people of Europe. You do not have any right to restrict those freedoms. Granted, the democracy in Germany has been so to say a metaphoric "gift" (to us), but this gift is as precious as an expensive, fragile and precious porcelain, and must be lived, savoured and protected as such. Apart from that, neither an ideology nor a religion can be offended. It is impossible. One can only offend living creatures with feelings, like humans. In Turkey there is a saying: "Like the mother, so is the daughter". I think that this saying can also be applied to the religion and to you, anonymous writers: "Like the belief, so are the believers."

Question: Why do you offend our Prophet? Why don't you mention him as "Prophet Mohamed", but only as "Mohamed"?

The word "Hazreti" that prefixes Mohamed's name expresses the esteem, respect and deference, and is used by the Slaves (Muslims). The word prophet is used as prefix to the name Mohamed by those who believe that he was a prophet. Since I neither am a Slave (Muslim) nor believe that Mohamed was a prophet, I do not need to use this expression. This can actually work both ways. Christians in this country could also blame your belief for "offending" God and Jesus, because you do not accept that religion, because you accept Jesus as a prophet but not as the son of God, like Christians do. You restrict the freedom to publish caricatures about the Islam topic, although relevant to the society. A God that is offended by a caricature or a critic, cannot be omnipotent. The offended declares whether he is offended. I, too, can declare myself as offended. Most often, the same Slaves (Muslims) are offended to work and live amidst unbelievers. But when the topic is freedom here, then you are offended. I do not throw stones on embassies, just because they represent countries that do not accept human rights, but only Allah's rights given to his Slaves, i.e. believers.

Question: Are you without God, without value, without morale?

Actually, I do have values. The foundation of my morale is formed by the categorical imperative: "Act only following the maxims, that you could want to become universal laws." My values are based on the love to humans, nature, art, literature, humour, love, friendship, just to name a few. I do not need to believe in a religion, in order to have a code of morale. I can, without religious belief, be useful for myself, for other people, for the society, and possess a code of morale derived from this. I do not need to fear Mohamed's hell, in order to be a good person. The categorical imperative and the love to people and nature are perfectly enough to form a humane society.

Question: Are you conducted, controlled by Jews and Christians? Do you sleep with Jews and Christians? Who pays you?

A person does not need to be "conducted, controlled". One can conduct a donkey, or an animal that cannot think by itself, but not a person. She can conduct herself, she can determine her own direction. Of course we need people and laws, so that we can live together. In Germany, these laws are based on the constitutional law. In the past, there wer people who declared themselves as ambassador of God, and determined laws for us to live together. Nowadays, these people are often named "Gurus". You religion, Islam, asserted itself as "religion" after Christianity and Judaism, and not in a peaceful way, but through the forces of war and violence. Your wickedness to insinuate that Jews and Christians conduct and control people like me, is caused by your belief: Islam. Indeed: after Mohamed's initial friendship towards Jews and Christians, in the first years of his prophecy, he became their enemy, because he understood that they would not accept him. In particular, this costed the life of many jewish clans. He took some of the Jew women into his harem after murdering their husbands. Islam is an ennemy of Judaism and Christianity, and will remain so, until you take the Coran, read it and question its hostile verses. This hostile attitude leads to insinuate that Jews and Christians conduct and control me. You allegation that I ask for enlighnment and at the same time that I am controlled, because I have sex with Jews and Christians, only shows YOUR real attitude, YOUR real opinion on women who can think; YOUR opinion about women who use their brains; YOUR reduction of women to their gender only! Finally, the question: Who pays you? Nobody. I am not purchasable.

Question: What does this bring to you?

There is nothing worse than the narrow-minded utilitarian. How does it serve me? What do I receive for this? The others should do it. Am I the only one? What does it bring to me? That is the disposition underlying the verse 60 of the Sura Al-Tauba. This verse is the foundation of these questions, of this disposition. This verse defines which actions merit a remuneration or charity: "... the things that should be received for the cause of Islam, ... for the holy war (the way of God) and for the one who travels, follows the way of God and has put himself in adversity through this..." To this cost-profit mentality, I oppose the principe of solidarity, which is one of the foundations of the human existence.

Question: Is it true, that women can only access to paradise with the permission of their husband?

Yes, at the foundation (of Islam) lies the global position of the woman in the Coran and in the Shari'a, in which women are obliged to absolute submission to men, and to absolute satisfaction of men. However, this "wisdom" is not explicited in Coran, but rather in the written traditions: Riyazü's Salihin volume I, page 326 (Turkish edition) contains a record from Ümmü Seleme, one of the many women of Mohameds: "A muslim woman can go to paradise, if her husband was totally satisfied with her (sexually and generally)." See also Gazali, volume II, page 148 (Turkish edition): "As one sees, God's messenger has declared the submission of the wife to her husband to be a prerequisite of Islam." See also Gazali, edition 1975, volume II, pages 72-74 and Gazali, edition 1975, volume II, pages 155-156.


Some little-known aspects

...about the general position of the woman in the Coran, and about the many different written traditions that degrade the woman. Among the descriptions of paradise, in which the women only have a role of spectator, and only receive the one man, that they already had on earth, whereas their husband receives at least 70 huris - among those descriptions, there is not a single verse for the gratification of women with Gilman (a male creature), and not with a long-lasting sexual intercourse. Also, Mohameds claims that the beautiful huris in paradise are the true women of men. So the man would only be a guest of the woman on earth. The woman must satisfy her husband, sexually and generally, so that he can, unworried, devote himself to prayers and religious imperatives, because these are required to enter paradise. An enumeration of all the aspects that underly this disposition, would be out of proportion with the present explanation. That is why I only wrote this short summary paragraph. For detailed information, refer to the book of Prof. Dr. Ilhan Arsel Seriat ve Kadin appearing in october with the title "Women are your fields", edited by Alibri.

Furthermore, I would like to prevent:

  • The islamization of the migration politics,
  • The submission of the women and of the men,
  • The sexualization of children,
  • The slavish consciousness that the Coran inoculate to the believers, and the incapacitation of humans.

Arzu Toker

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