Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

Pedagogical Advances in the Islamo-Sovietic Republic of Frankistan (RISF)

Your tax Euros at work, 1st part: The Deputy Chamber just voted a law to modernize the weapon legislation, with a last-minute modification that requires the immediate surrender or neutralisation of ALL white citizens declared first-class weapons. Oppressed minorities in the suburbs of big cities can still use undeclared heavy weapons to channel their creativity in new ways onto isolated cop patrols.

Sadly, a group of impaired citizens is showing a divergence of opinion. But our effective, patriot legislators have put their left/right differences aside, and thought re-education possibilities through in an admirable patriotic effort:

Your tax Euros at work, 2st part: early 2010, the French Metropolitan Mafia Parliament worked on a law that modernized the way psychatry treatment can be given without consent. In its generosity, the law was slightly enhanced to not only address the needs of the about 70000 deeply pathological cases in France, but now also the potential needs of the rest of the 60 millions French people:

Le projet de loi institue également une nouvelle possibilité d'admission en soins sans consentement lorsque la personne, «sans constituer un trouble grave à l'ordre public (...) doit recevoir des soins immédiats, notamment en raison d'un péril immédiat, imminent, et qu'aucun tiers n'est présent pour en faire la demande», a annoncé Luc Chatel.
The law project creates as well a new possibility to receive treatment without consent when the person, «although not causing trouble to the public order (...) must receive immediate treatment, especially because of an imminent, immediate danger, and when no third person is present to request it», announced Luc Chatel.
Thanks to the professionalism of our representatives, things are left pretty open to permit a greater flexibility:
  • It is not said for whom the danger would be.
  • The word "especially" leaves completely open the range of allowed cases.
  • It is not said how the need for treatment will be decided.
  • Anyway, there isn't even the need for a third person to request your treatment.
  • Implicitely, event if you haven't perpetrated any act at all, your potential dangerosity is sufficient.
Clear, simple and effective: in France, you could then be boxed and strait-jacketed by men in white, anytime, anywhere, and for any duration of time. Also generous, so that the whole population can benefit from tax-paid service.

So... What happened to this wonderful law project: the Deputy Chamber just voted the law. Some psychatry professionals manifested their lack of comprehension right outside the parliament, but reeducation efforts through health budget cuts are well on their way.

Your tax Euros at work, conclusion: We are now hoping that the Senate will do a proper job and validate both laws without cutting off their respective, precious extensions. A proper understanding of patriotic progress through better education of the masses is expected from the Constitutional Council, so that the validation of the law won't be unnecessarily delayed.

That's right. The effectiveness of "Minority Report" with today's tax money and technology. France will soon be at the head of People Democracies, along with its Chinese and North-Korean friends.

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